I’d play dress-up every day.

…The Last Star, final installment of The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey. If you don’t yet know this series, go discover! If you watched that god-awful movie starring  Chloe Moretz, please disregard it and give the books a try. Also, please power on through the sequel, The Infinite Sea, even if you are disheartened, The Last Star is […]

I was at the cinema watching Captain America: Civil War last weekend when I had an epiphany (if you can call it that). I don’t know how said epiphany came about, seeing as I was really enjoying the movie (best in the Franchise, hands down!) but I suddenly found myself thinking there are a fair […]

Or at least in my book it always has been. Apparently back home in the UK ‘Easter’ is being dropped from Easter eggs; isn’t that the most ludicrous thing you’ve ever heard? Why would we ever of had chocolate eggs in the first place if it weren’t for Easter? My childhood memories of Easter are the […]

I’m scared of staying but even more terrified of leaving… numerous versions of this statement have been plaguing my mind since winter. The longer I stay away from London the less it feels like home, I’m worried I’ll return to find there’s no place for me. But to leave Korea would undoubtedly mean my happy, comfortable bubble […]

Alas! I got drunk again and lost another one of my prized possessions (no suprise there). We hit up club Octagon in Gangnam for a friend’s birthday; I got up to my usual antics and then some (I have my cringing face on at moment) but woke up the next morning feeling relatively fine halleluah! I […]

I realise I’m really not one for book reviews, they take more effort than I’m prepared to expend and more honestly, I have no knack for it… But that doesn’t mean I have to stop recommending the wonderful novels I come across! I’m and avid reader, in lieu of a man I take a  new book to […]

… In Gangneung, allow me to suggest this beauty of a pension; The perfect place to spend the weekend with your lover (definitely not your mother!), Analog76 (아날로그76) is a truly stunning pension… I imagine my own future home to be decorated practically the same. I stumbled upon this treat as I was looking for […]

I started Colleen Hoover’s November 9 last night and was immediately hooked much to the chagrin of current me, who is currently running of very little sleep. So far there is little to fault; compelling characters and great dialogue. I draw comparisons from David Nicholls One Day simply because of the formula but tbh I doubt (and hope) […]

Let’s hope my parents never stumble upon this because I have no intention of telling them I lost my Ipad. Considering only one of them can just about navigate Facebook I don’t think I have to worry but, then again, these things can happen. So yes, I lost my baby… perhaps I’ll get it back, […]